Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Asian Bakery Cafe - Updated*

In another corner of Henrico just west of Richmond on Broad Street, the Asian Bakery sits tucked behing the Tan A Supermarket. A quiet shop in a strip mall, this plain package holds unusual things. Inside is a Vietnamese cafe/bakery where you can sample deli sandwiches, pho soups, spring rolls and much more.

They also serve a mean "bubble tea" in a dozen flavors. These bubble teas are made to order and blended into a frozen concotion full of tapioco balls. My only complaint is I have to drive 8 miles out to get it, but combined with a trip to Tan-A and Big Lots it is worth it. As summer heats up nothing is going to taste better than a frozen bubble tea. It is almost worth getting hot and thirsty for.

If you get out to the Asian Bakery, be sure to tell My Thu you read about her. She will be pleased and treat you extra nice, but she would do that anyway. As always, cool places in Henrico are unilaterally annexed to Richmond. So when you are sipping a bubble tea you are sipping up a bit of Richmond.

*I just found my notes and good manners require that I give My's name as she gave it to me.

My Thu Dinh

She can be found at.

Asian Bakery
6215 A West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230
(Located in the Tan-A Shopping Center)

Phone: (804) 288-1388

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