Friday, July 03, 2009

Beynac by Jennifer Young - History on Canvas

Part of an occasional series. From Jennifer Young.

As a full-time artist whose primary focus is painting the landscape, I work both on location ("en plein air") and in my studio. These two working methods differ in a lot of ways, but like my passions for art and travel, plein air painting and studio painting complement each other. Painting on location helps me to capture the fleeting light and beautiful color that can only be experienced in nature; and my studio work enables me to work larger, and to further explore and expand on my ideas. While I do quite a bit of painting on location around Richmond, my most popular paintings tend to be the work I have done from my travels abroad. It could be said I travel to paint and paint to travel.

Last year headed down the south of France, I decided to take a western trek to the beautiful valleys of the Lot and the Dordogne. This is land of the Aquitaine, nestled between the Loire valley and the Pyrenees mountains. It is also the land of prehistoric caves, medieval castles and villages

The cliffside village of Beynac was a highlight of my trip. Sitting at the north edge of the Dordogne river, Beynac is storybook pretty, but it is also the home of a 13th century castle where Richard the Lionheart met his death! This painting shows my view of the village prior to making the hike upwards to tour the ch√Ęteau at its summit where one one can see out over the beautiful Dordogne valley in all directions.

"Beynac" Oil on Canvas,
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