Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Garden Spot of Richmond

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

From Lewis Ginter
Tucked away on Lakeside Drive is one of Richmond's hidden, but not so secret gems. Thanks to Jonah Holland, I got the cooks tour of the garden. Since my only previous visit was during the Garden Fest of Lights, I really had no idea of the full extent of the garden, which should be seen in daylight hours to appreciate. If Disney World had a garden, this would be it. We spent 90 minutes roaming from corner to corner. If I had the time, I would have taken all day.

From Lewis Ginter

Our first stop was the Community Kitchen Garden, a new feature at Lewis Ginter and part of Barack Obama's United We Serve program. The CKG provides fresh vegetables and produce to the Central Virginia Food Bank and Meals on wheels. It covers 1/5 of an acre and is staffed by volunteers. Volunteers work Mondays and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to Noon. New volunteers can show up at the Visitors Center if they wish to help. The peppers and squash were just coming in and the first harvest was on Monday. For more on the CKG go here.
From Lewis Ginter

The best event right now is the Butterflies Live exhibit. This is going on daily through October 11th. There were so many cool butterflies. My favorites were the Blue Morphos and the Postman, though the Postman never stopped long enough for me to photograph. I could have spent a day just watching them flutter and land. Kids and adults will love this. I loved it.

From Lewis Ginter
The list of gardens and features is too long to mention. You need to go see for yourself and there is plenty of opportunity to do so. Lewis Ginter features plenty of options for working adults and their kids.

And best of all, Lewis Ginter is open and free to the public all day July the 4th. This would be a wonderful way to spend the holiday before heading off to see the fireworks at Dogwood Dell.

Lewis Ginter has family memberships available for $85.00 that allow 2 adults and 6 children to enjoy the garden all year long. This kids area is something to behold with a water feature that them can play and cool off in. Be prepared for some wet kids when they are through. I guarantee you will have a great time at the garden. Had I known it was this good I would have been there a long time ago. Here are some links to find out more about garden events. Come, enjoy and stop and smell the roses.

The Garden Blog
1800 Lakeside Ave
Richmond, VA 23228-4700
(804) 262-9887

Open Daily 9am-5pm

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Jennifer Young said...

Ginter just gets better and better each year. I went last weekend and saw a beautiful (and huge) grey heron standing in the Japanese Gardens by the water, just as if it were posing there for a photo. But dangit, I didn't have my camera.

paul_h said...

This was my first time through in daylight. Jonah gave such a wonderful tour. It was my best assignment ever.

Jonah Holland said...

Paul, Thanks again for this great, comprehensive post. I really enjoyed showing you around and I'm so happy that you are able to share the Garden with your readers.